By nature, every one of us has a unique story. It defines the essence of who we are and what has been important in our lives. It captures all that we have discovered through the relationships and events of our lives, our joys and suffering, our values and beliefs, the life lessons we have learned, and the choices we have made.

Legacy Matters because there has never been, nor ever will be, another you or me. Only in understanding our story will we find the meaning and purpose for which we are here, in this moment, in this lifetime – and discover the legacy that is uniquely ours to pass on.

It is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your loved ones, and we can help you make it.

For individuals, The Legacy Workshop is an opportunity to…

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For organizations, The Legacy Workshop is an opportunity to…

We provide organizations with the exclusive tools, training and professional support to present the Legacy Workshop in their own communities or workplaces. The Legacy Workshop will equip your organization to:

  • Guide your people through a series of reflections to draw out the values and experiences that have defined their lives and legacy.

  • Teach them how to write their legacy story: one of the most cherished and meaningful gifts they can leave their family and community.

  • Prepare them to make important decisions about the life and legacy they want to create.

If your organization provides physical, emotional or spiritual care to individuals of any age, giving them a safe space and professional guidance for these conversations can encourage healing and growth, and optimize the effectiveness of the care you provide.

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