Where We Start

The Legacy Workshop will give your organization all the tools you need to guide and support your constituents in exploring life’s meaning and purpose, and making important decisions about the legacy they want to create. This kind of planning is a way for people to embrace life in its fullness – body, mind and spirit – and make thoughtful choices about the future.


“I have to tell you, we have had very positive feedback on the Legacy Workshops. The script and materials you supplied are working really well for us. It is a great testament to you that the workshops are running so smoothly and according to plan. You did a great job training us!”

Executive Director, CA Non-profit organization

“In the Legacy Workshop, people come to see that they can be the creators of their own legacy, that they don’t have to leave it to fate to decide the quality of their lives.”

What Participants Gain from the Workshop

What Participants Are Saying

“A wonderful approach to sharing our legacy with family and friends. To recognize the gift that it is.”

“The workshop was very well thought out, and provided the tools we needed to craft our own story for future generations. Very inspiring to share stories and learn from others.”

“I was so amazed with taking the Legacy Workshop and how it made a difference in my personal life and in dealing with end-of-life challenges – I became interested in looking at other available programs … Thank you so much!”

“I just remember wishing that it wouldn’t end that day. It was a delight to share in the way that we did, and I wanted more time to put into practice the many gems we uncovered.”

“There was such power in people sharing their stories. I learned so much from everyone in my group; I really feel like they added to my process.”

“Living with a terminal illness, I was trying to wrap up the loose ends of my life, and the hospital chaplain suggested I take the Legacy Workshop. It was very uplifting. I walked away feeling as though I had done everything I was called to do – I’ve left no cards on the table. I can go in peace.”